VITROMED is a leading global company that manufactures high-quality medical devices used during all stages in fertility treatment, from In Vitro Fertilization to embryo development for IVF clinics worldwide. VITROMED  is based in Germany; however, we have global presence through our branches and distributors all over the world. We use our expertise and knowledge to manufacture cutting-edge IVF products that help clinics fulfill couples dream of a baby. In addition, we produce reliable and trustworthy top-notch medical devices for IVF clinics that guarantee the best outcome. We offer multiple premium products for screening techniques, genetic diagnosis, fertility treatment, and associated fertility preservation procedures. We manufacture our products following international standards and best practices.


We have teams of highly qualified experts and scientists that use advanced technologies and the latest research to manufacture medical products that guarantee the maximum result. Our team has been trained under the unwavering leadership of Dr. Patrick Quinn to make couples’ dreams come true. We manufacture reliable and impeccable products that help fertility clinics that use our products become the most reliable and trusted clinic in the industry and help them grow their business by leap and bond. Our staffs are fully qualified and thoroughly understand the requirements of IVF clinics which makes us stand out in the IVF medical device manufacturer industry.


VITROMED was founded in 2011, and the growth since then has been sustained and rapid. It started in Germany, and now it has distributors and clients all over the world. VITROMED has achieved many awards in producing high-quality and safe medical devices and products used at all fertility treatment steps. Dr. Ralf Böhm joined the scientific panel in 2013 which marked beginning to several research and development projects together with the late Dr. Patrick Quinn.


In 2017 we extended our manufacturing facility to Langenfeld, Düsseldorf commencing further development activities. In 2020 VITROMED was awarded honorations for “Intercultural Company 2020” and “Unternehmen mit Kultur 2020”. In 2021 VITROMED established representative offices in Spain and USA for marketing and other service operations. Midst of all these developments we make sure to support social causes such as sponsoring education of children and cooperate environment responsibility.

VITROMED is an ISO 13485 certified company that ensures the manufacturing of top-notch products through a quality management system and with the usage of advanced technologies and the latest research. Our advanced high-quality medical device manufacturing facilities are in Germany, but our products are available worldwide.

Our products are manufactured using high quality medical grade raw material under clean room conditions, which ensures successful assisted reproduction. VITROMED products undergo stringent, lot-wise quality control before product release. All our products are MEA and LAL tested. Please check the EN-ISO-Certificates for both our facilities, Jena and Langenfeld, and visit our product portfolio on FDA classification/registration and CE-mark.



We are providing our services to IVF clinics worldwide, and they are delighted with the quality of our products. We strive our best to supersede the expectations of our clients. We are continuously expanding our product portfolio to meet the latest demands of IVF technology. Over the years, we are providing support with authentic products and services to numerous clinics around the globe. We take extreme care in meeting the requirements of our clients through top-notch products. We ensure our customer satisfaction with high-quality customized products augmented with beautiful design and integrity. See what our clients say about us.


VITROMED has years of experience in delivering world-class IVF medical devices for its customers worldwide, and the clients are delighted with our products. Similarly, we have an experienced and highly qualified team that works round the clock to produce medical products that guarantees outstanding results. Moreover, we live in a continuously changing world, and every day some new technologies are made, and new research continues. Therefore, we constantly innovate our products to remain up-to-date and to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients. In addition, we are fully committed to producing high-quality products at an affordable and reasonable price to meet our customer wishes and materialize the dream of couples without children effectively and efficiently. Finally, we have a well-trained and highly professional in-house scientific, technical and service team who are always ready to resolve any problem our customers face and provide information regarding our products.


Our goal is to become the world’s most reliable and trusted medical product manufacturer servicing IVF clinics. Our ultimate goal is to become the top-rate manufacturer of medical products required by the IVF clinics to materialize the dreams of couples. Therefore, we aim to become the number one choice of fertility clinics all over the globe. Moreover, our mission is to help couples fulfill their dream of having a baby with high-quality, safe, and secure medical devices that guarantee outstanding results


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The continual expansion of our product portfolio is oriented to demands of IVF clinical and research fields. Over the years we are providing support with authentic products and services to numerous clinics around the globe.


Dr. Patrick Quinn (The late), PhD, HCLD developed Human Tubal Fluid medium (HTF), one of the first media specifically designed for Human IVF.

Dr. rer. nat. Ralf Böhm is a well known scientist in the field of IVF with rich experience in directing many IVF Labs and was instrumental in the development of many ART products.


Dr. Lisa Schanze has over 20 years experience in the ART segment and established various techniques in the IVF laboratory.

Dr. rer. nat. Franziska Buch, Product Specialist and Marketing, with a doctorate from Max Planck Institute (Germany) and several years of experience in the IVF market.

Dr. Karen Uhde, Product Specialist, with a doctorate from Utrecht University (The Netherlands) and experience in routine work of an IVF lab.


More than business we believe in social commitment. Our greatest asset alongside R&D are our sales and service team. We proudly argue that they are relationship builders providing value and helping their customers win. VITROMED’s service team believes finding products for the customers rather than customers for our products.